quick someone call the girl police

And to add the final cherry on the cake, I walk into work today to find a completely unmistakeable dyke calmly fiddling with my computer. Short, stocky, men’s clothes, a sidewalk barber’s haircut; I thought she was a young boy till she stood up and eyed me up and down and then introduced herself. She’s part of the IT division and in charge of hardware. Of course.  

 I’ve seen women abroad try harder and still be less patently obvious than her. And I’ve seen plenty of Indian women who are extremely masculine and still not in the least bit gay. She is, and she’s out about it; there’s just no question. But what I would like to know is how on earth does she manage to pull it off.        


~ by mortarandpestle on October 16, 2007.

3 Responses to “quick someone call the girl police”

  1. That’s my favorite part! When they turn around and I’m thrilled to death that it’s actually a dyke, and not, infact a young man – it’s usually the other way around, sadly. I wish I could walk into work every day and see that! Well… if I may let a cat out of a bag, I have a terribly inappropriate crush on the [quite and deliciously masculine] supervisor in the work group next to mine. She’s only in the office two days of the week but I find myself walking by their door on my best behavior those two days.

  2. Yes, it’s almost always the other way around! I’ve been looking out for her, but she’s disappeared as mysteriously as she came…

  3. I bet she kisses her paramour at street corners in broad daylight too 😉

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