Catching Up

I just realised that I was tagged ages ago by tonguetiedblue for this meme. I’m not sure that much of it applies to me, actually, but I thought I’d take a stab at it anyway:

This is Isabella’s Sex Meme. Anyone is welcome to steal it, but you must post this rules blurb at the beginning of the meme.

1: You must include this link to Sex Talk – Sex Advice for Men.
2. You must answer every question! If you don’t have a good answer, you are strongly encouraged to make up something good; we like to be entertained.
3. You must tag three people: Consider yourselves tagged if you’re interested.

Here goes:

1. Sex in the Morning or Sex at Night?
Either one — I love the intimacy of waking up next to or around someone, being aware, almost before being consciously awake, of the desire between the two of you. I also like the slow build during the whole evening, whether it’s out on a formal date or a workaday night at home, the anticipation of sex flashing between the two of us in between whatever else is going on.

2. Better Sex Music – Sade or Marvin Gaye?
Um. There is music that’s sexy to me, but I don’t really have anything like ‘sex music’ in my mind.

3. Naughty Pics or Naughty Home Videos?
Pictures, definitely; movies and videos don’t leave too much room for the imagination.

4. Fabulous Sex With: Dr Doug Ross or Dr Greg House?
No idea who either one is — but since they both seem to be men, the point is probably moot.

5. Vibrator or Dildo?
I like ones that vibrate and are insertable — so both?

6. Bedroom Sex: Lights Off or Lights On?
Either. Both. It honestly doesn’t matter, though I’d avoid either floodlighting or pitch blackness.

7. Word Preference: Pussy or Cunt?
Neither, really — they don’t seem to have much to do with the real thing, somehow. I might have a slight preference for cunt, because pussy just reminds me of learning “The Owl and the Pussy Cat” by heart, but I don’t actually use either, much.

8. Spanking Over the Knee or Spanking Only During Sex?
Well, I enjoy the idea of both, but have only experienced one — clearly, further research is indicated.

9. More Exciting: Sex in an Elevator or Sex in an Aeroplane?
Nothing sexy about an aeroplane at all, but even the most nondescript stranger sparks some curiosity when you’re in an elevator with nothing to do but look at them, so elevator it is.

10. Ron Jeremy or Peter North?
I think ignorance might be bliss here….

11. Word Preference? Cock or dick?

12. Linda Lovelace or Jenna Jameson?
I don’t have the faintest idea who they are either.

13. Rope Bondage or Bondage Tape
Rope, definitely; tape is too much like bad memories of waxing

14. Give Rim Job or Receive Anal Sex?
Insufficient data.

15. Get Rich Stripping in a Skanky Bar or Get Rich as a Call Girl for Celebs?
Call girl, definitely; I hate performing in front of a crowd.

16. Which Threesome – Boy/Girl/Girl or Boy/Boy/Girl?
If I absolutely had to choose, then the former, but it’s practically at the bottom of my list of things I’d like to do.

17. Flavoured Oil or Tingling Oil?
Neither. Scented oil is nice enough thank you.

18. Favorite Non-Sexual Object to Make Sexual?
Cloth — watching someone drape the sheets around them, or the feel of a sari swirling around me.

19. Sex While Strangers Watch or Sex With a Stranger?
Have I mentioned I hate performing in front of a lot of people?

20. Tied to the Bed or to a St Andrew’s Cross?
The bed.


~ by mortarandpestle on May 20, 2008.

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