About this blog

This blog is mainly a space for me to write about gender, sex and sexuality, and feminism, from a very personal and particular view point. It will sometimes be erotic and sexy, sometimes about academic theory, sometimes screamingly angry, sometimes nostalgic and sentimental, sometimes something else altogether, and I’m not inclined to be apologetic about any of this. I will be writing about my impressions both in the US and in India, so there will be issues of race, class and caste involved, but they are not the main focus.

I want this space to be open and safe to allow the articulation of complex ideas about sexuality and desire and to welcome the intersecting of disparate, unexpected identities. To this end, I will be moderating comments, at least to begin with, and encouraging people to read about terms or ideas that might be unfamiliar before jumping in. Please see my full comment policy.

Contact: pestleandmortar@gmail.com

Photo by Amar Khoday.


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